Electric 400ml mini led wood aroma air diffuser ultrasonic air humidifier filter cool mist aroma scent diffuser aromatherapy


    This product design is novel, the Oriental fragrance culture combined with modern science and technology, the principle of using ultrasonic ultrasonic vibration plant aromatherapy essential oil and water to spray 5 microns of superfine particles, producing a large number of negative ions are more likely to be inhaled by human body, give full play to the essence of natural aromatherapy effect, help you relax in stressful work life, achieve healthy nerves, skin moisturizing effect. 
    Warm prompt: it has better effect to use the bedroom, with calm the use of aromatherapy oil, which can effectively improve sleep quality.

    Turn off the power, remove the cover,adding the aromatherapy oil which you like to the atomizing chamber,and adding suitable amount of water. Back cover, urning on the power supply, achieve the result of full chamber waves sweet.


    When adding water, according to the scale mark to join the right amount of water in the tank, if the added water more than the highest scale, will be shadow.Do not dump the host in use, and placed in the position of the children is not easy to touch.
    Note:When water too much, the steam will be small,after water reduction,the steam will be bigger.

     Product maintenance

    1. Close the function switch, closed power supply;
    2.Remove the cover, poured out of the water in the atomizing chamber from the annotation "MAX" position of direction
    3.Wipe the host shell and water tank inside the cavity with a soft cotton cloth;
    4.Wipe gently with cotton buds the center of the tank oscillator suggest clean once every 7 to 14 days.


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