Massage Gun,Portable Deep Tissue Muscle Massager,Percussion Massager for Athletes Relief Pain,30 Speeds,8 Heads,Massager for Home Office Gym(Carbon)

  • massage gun deep tissue: muscle massage gun can be so helpful for athletes or anyone else who suffers from chronic muscle pain.canou muscle massage gun provides vibration or percussive therapy to the muscles with quick bursts of pressure. this deep tissue massage can pinpoint specific muscles to effectively loosen them, stimulate blood flow to the area, and relieve pain and inflammation.
  • 8 heads 30 speeds: the percussion massager is equipped with 8 different shaped massage heads, which can help the user to relax different muscle tissues.deep tissue massage gun for athletes scientifically subdivide 30 speeds supports 2400-4800 beats per minute which helps your get proper and appropriate pressure to relieve muscle pain,soreness and stiffness
  • super batteries and super brushless motor: muscle massage guns are cordless and run on rechargeable lithium-ion want it to last through an entire treatment. muscle massage gun runs for at least 4 hours , so you have enough time to treat all of the areas you want to target. our muscle gun also adopts with high-quality brushless motor brings a strong power which can provide depth massage but low noise down to 35 decibels
  • ergonomic design: muscle massage gun to be as user-friendly , it have an ergonomic design so you’re able to hold and operate it easily. deep tissue massage gun feels comfortable in the hand, with a longer handle typically offer the most comfort.equipped with a well-designed bag for easy carrying

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