Read Food Temps Fast - Instant Talking Meat Thermometer - Large Backlit LCD Display & Folding Probe - Tested BEST OF 21! Clear Voice, Accurate - Perfect for Steak Grilling, BBQ, Candy & Baby Bath

  • wide range of -50ºF to 572ºF with just ±1° deviation from 4ºF- 392ºF. 4½" probe extends to 11" to keep hands away from heat. Ideal for GRILLING, roasting, broiling, boiling, deep frying, making candy, brewing beer, culturing yogurt & cheese, baking bread, heating a liquid & checking the baby's bath water. HANDY!
  • LOUD, CLEAR VOICE announces degrees, ideal for the BLIND and visually impaired. American accent is easy to understand. Just press the VOICE button. Backlit LCD with large numbers is easy to read in any light conditions. CONVENIENT!
  • SUPER EASY TO READ! Large blue LCD display (1.5” x 0.6”) with big black numbers makes viewing a cinch in all light conditions. LED backlight permits reading in dim light, such as when barbecuing at night. Just press the LIGHT button. This premium instant-read high-performing precision kitchen tool is easy and convenient for anybody to use - whether professional or home chef, whether sighted or blind. ILLUMINATING!
  • PRACTICAL! Auto 5-sec shut-off saves battery life. Uses 2 AAA batteries rather than hard-to-find-&-install button cells. Switch between Celsius & Fahrenheit: just push the °F/°C button. Accurately measure hot & cold food & fluids to improve taste & safety of food. Ideal for a barbecue outdoors or kitchen cooking. BONUS! Temp charts for fish, chicken & beef included on thermometer body & on hanging card to post in your kitchen provide safe minimum USDA levels for meat & fish. COOK & GRILL SAFELY!

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