Sunrise Alarm Clock, Wake Up Light with Sunrise Sunset Simulation, 6 Nature Sounds, FM Clock Radio, 10 Brightness Levels, Snooze Function and 7 Colors Night Light

by eBright
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  • SUNRISE ALARM CLOCK: To naturally wake you up by gradually increasing brightness with the wake up light, as your body is hardwired to wake up when light is bright.
  • 6 NATURE SOUNDS WITH FM RADIO: This sunrise alarm clock can bring you out of deep sleep by 6 various nature sounds, such as bird song, sound of ocean, soft music, etc. as well as wake you up by FM radio.
  • 7 COLORS NIGHT LIGHT: With LED light, this wake up light can also act as an atmosphere lamp by alternatively lighting between 6 different colors (including Orange, Green, Red, Blue, Purple and Indigo), or fixedly lighting just one of seven favorite color, Warm White, as well.
  • 10 LEVELS ADJUSTABLE BRIGHTNESS: With a choice of 10 different light intensities, this clock radio can also be used as an intelligent bedside lamp, while simulating the sunset to bring you gently fall into sleep.
  • SNOOZE FUNCTION: During wake up sound playing, you can easily enter the snooze mode by pressing the snooze button, to wake up 5 minutes later with a better state.

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