Ultrasonic Wood Grain Essential Oil Aromatherapy Diffuser 500ML 7 Color LED Light Home Scent Aroma Humidifier

  • 1, Aroma Diffuser spread pleasing scent make your life more colorful.

    2, Automatically switch off when water is empty.

    3, High noise control, super quiet when operating.

    4, Easy to adjust moisture outlet.

    5, Moisture the dry air, breathe smoothly, easily fall asleep, ideal product for asthma and baby care.

    6, Large 120ml water capacity that can continue use up to 3-5 hours each time.

    7, The special function of the anion, emits small particle size of anion that can be easily absorbed by human body, is healthy to physical and psychological treatment.

    8, Have CE, FCC and  RoHS certificates.

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