UV Blacklight Flashlight, Super Bright 100 LED Best Powerful Black Light Flashlight 395NM Ultraviolet Urine Detector Flashlight for Home & Hotel Inspection, Pet Urine & Stain Detection

  • BRIGHTER THAN THE OTHERS - Our Latest 2018 High-Flux Density LED Bulbs have more UV power and up to 30% MORE INTENSITY THAN CHEAPER LED's. Unlike others, our Broader Range of Usable UV Light (Commercial Grade 385-395nm) gives you many more uses for your Blacklight . Discover why the Professionals prefer .
  • MUCH MORE POWER - Powerful enough to inspect indoors, during the day (most other UV Flashlights require complete darkness). QUICKLY Inspect entire rooms for pet urine stains with our ' Floodlight style', Super-Wide beam. EASILY find the hidden source of Dog & Cat Pet Urine Odors in carpeting and flooring with our powerful UV Blacklight Flashlight. 'SEE THE PEE' with !
  • SCORPION HUNTER - Scan your bedroom, yard, alley, or pathway with our SUPER WIDE 4-6 foot FLOODLIGHT BEAM that can light-up scorpions up to 50 feet away! Our customers rave about the scorpion hunting ability of this blacklight ------ SUPER-CHARGE YOUR HOME CLEANING--- A quick scan of your kitchen & bathroom will allow you to pinpoint your cleaning efforts. Discover why Cleaning services & Janitors use our UV flashlight. Save time and money with
  • TOP RATED FOR COMMERCIAL QUALITY- 's powerful UV Blacklight Flashlight IS THE CHOICE for many businesses: Pest Control, Carpet Cleaning, Hotel's, HVAC, Landlords, School's, Auto Repair, Janitorial. --- MANY OTHER USES ===> Inspect hotel rooms for cleanliness (semen, blood), authenticate counterfeit currency, cure UV resin, find prehistoric shark teeth (!), charge glow frisbee's and objects, detect cracks & repairs in artwork, Minerals, posters or UV paint, automotive fluid leaks, mold,
  • BONUS UV SAFETY GLASSES INCLUDED (a $13.95 value!) - These high quality UV safety glasses allow you to see more stains (especially faint or tiny stains in dark colored carpet/tile/hardwood). These are the same glasses that the professionals use----- BUY WITH CONFIDENCE ----- We offer a 100% 'WORRY FREE' MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.
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